Instructions for use Varius Plus


How to use gel Varius Plus

For varicose veins the quality of human life is significantly reduced due to pain and swelling of the lower limbs. If you Have varicose veins, then professional gel against the development of varicose veins Varius Plus is able to help You at any stage of the disease. It eliminates the painful symptoms, prevent the development of thrombosis, restores the damaged skin for just one course of therapy. In complicated cases stops the progression of the disease. Remember, that without proper treatment the disease can only get worse.

But what if the diagnosis is not given, and health problems of the feet are present? The first symptoms may be a rapid fatigue when walking, a feeling of heaviness and burning. Maybe You are in a risk group. Check out the matching items in the list of possible reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition. Someone of the close relatives are already met with a similar problem.
  • A sedentary way of life. Sedentary work or work with the load on the feet.
  • The habit of wearing narrow uncomfortable clothes, high heels.
  • Lack of fiber in the diet.
  • Excessive load in the sport.
  • Intake of hormonal drugs.
  • The habit of sitting in the pose of "foot to foot".

If there is at least one item suits You, then You are in the group of risk and you can safely start using the gel Varius Plus in the interest of prevention.

How to use Varius Plus?

The recommended course from one month to two depending on the severity of the disease.

Apply the gel is to be taken twice per day on a pre-cleaned, dry skin. Gel rub massage movements on the problem areas, is not washed off within a few hours. You need to skip the damaged sections, rub the detergent next, but avoid falling for the pain and diverge. In all cases, follow the instructions.

In the case of the needs of the course, you can repeat the month.

The drug has contraindications

The drug has a natural ingredients, and can not hurt for most patients. However, caution should be taken during its use in pregnancy and lactation, because the hoc in Poland for this category of women is not enough to make unambiguous conclusions about the proportion of damages and benefits. The Gel is not to be used in the presence of open wounds. Also the drug is contraindicated in various skin diseases: dermatitis different etymology, eczema, psoriasis.

In addition, before the use of it is worth it to try the gel on the incidence of various allergic reactions. For this, apply the gel on a small intact piece of skin and wait a few hours. If you have unwanted redness, itching or hives, - a means of paying You is not worth it. In the opposite case, boldly use it!