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Professional gel against the development of varicose veins

Gel Varius Plus

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Varius Plus against varicose veins

Varius Plus is a professional gel against the development of varicose

Varius Plus – this is a professional gel against the development of varicose veins. Treatment with its use consists in the direct action on the cause of the disease, eliminating the pain, swelling and inflammatory processes. Using the gel in closed ulcers of the lower limbs in the course of the month You will bring the feet of the lightness and beauty!

With the problems of varicose veins can meet practically every man, woman, and man. If previously this pathology was attributed to age-related changes, then in the present, and the young people fall into the group with the risk of this disease. For all these reasons – sedentary to sedentary way of life, or vice versa – is worth the work. Varicose veins may also begin to develop due to unbalanced nutrition, presence of harmful habits, excessive body weight. The first symptom of the disease may be rapid tiredness and swelling of the legs. Varicose veins – it is a complex health problem, and successfully cope with it, it should in time help your body. The best way as claimed by the experts-phlebologists, – is the prevention of disease by using the Varius Plus.

But if the problem is already running? The more pull! All the visible symptoms – it is just a consequence of the blockage of the veins and swelling of the vessels due to failure of the valves. In the long term without treatment the situation can only worsen and lead to irreversible consequences: varicose veins, trunk veins, chronic venous insufficiency and the formation of venous ulcers. Varius Plus does not require doctor's appointments, comfortable to use and leaves no greasy residue and film. All of this is important for those who must combine the treatment with your every day matters. Each component of the gel is chosen because he is indicated for the treatment of at any stage of the pathology.

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The principle of

Natural formula based on plant extracts, reduces the degree of swelling of the calf muscles and ankle, improves blood microcirculation, removes the itching and varicose-vascular network. Part of the gel active ingredients, which strengthen the tone of blood vessels, contribute to the outflow of fluid, removes leg fatigue at the end of the day. Natural deodorizing substances, which contain essential oils, are struggling with an unpleasant odor, having a cooling antiseptic effect. Place of fatigue and swelling, and even in the evening you will feel a slight chill. Regular use of a professional gel against the development of varicose veins should not only remove all the unpleasant symptoms, but also save you from the causes of varicose veins.

In the application of the gel on the problem areas, already after 3 minutes of active agents overcome skin cover, up to 15 minutes - they already have a influence on tissue. Three days is sufficient, in order to feel the reduction of swelling, pain and inflammation. After a week the symptoms of enlargement of the veins become less distinct, and the sores are starting to heal. After a period of treatment of curved convex veins disappear, the skin is smooth, and smooth, healthy color, without vascular networks.

Why Varius Plus better?

the principle of gel VariusPlus

This therapeutic agent developed in the course of 8 years european scientists and passed through the multi-layer system of tests and research. All rights to the production and distribution of this drug are protected by a license and a certificate of quality. The Gel has gained the trust of consumers in many countries and Poland is no exception.

In the year 2019, the clinical studies were carried out on 200 volunteers. Two groups of people were occupied by the representatives of different sex in the age from 21 to 78 years. All subjects suffered from symptoms of varicose veins in one degree or another. The first group used as a treatment Varius Plus, and the second used pharmaceutical drug with filed a similar action. The result of the research is presented in the table below:

Studied indicators for

The result of the research 1 group (Varius Plus)

The outcome of the research 2 groups (analog)

The elimination of pain, swelling, itching and burning


31 %

Restore the function of the veins



The exception of chronic venous insufficiency



Healing of venous ulcers



Prevention of varicose veins



As you can see, is the result of research indicate a clear efficacy of the product Varius Plus in the treatment of varicose veins and the removal of painful symptoms.

The composition of the

The composition of the natural gel against varicose veins Varius Plus

The reason for the effectiveness of the gel lies in its unique, balanced composition, based on a mixture of plant extracts, complex minerals and natural oils. This formula has an antioxidant effect, protects and nourishes the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Here is a description of some of the components in the composition of the gel.

Seaweed extract – regenerates tissue, improves elasticity of the skin, gives it a tone.

Mineral complex – penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, and at the same time provides nutrition to the skin and rejuvenating effect.

Caffeine – strengthens blood vessels, making it more elastic, improves the ability to withstand the pressure.

Such a natural composition is able to get rid of all the painful manifestations of varicose veins, which significantly increases the quality of life.

A doctor's opinion

The doctor The doctor – therapist Mateusz Mateusz
The doctor – therapist
25 years
Many women and men is well known in Poland the problem of pain, swelling and heaviness in the legs. In this case, doctors are turning already then, when there were visible signs of varicose veins and considerable discomfort. It would be easier, if to avoid these unpleasant consequences by prevention. This is the reason, why their customers recommend the gel Varius Plus. It not only effectively removes the visible signs of varicose veins, but also prevents the progression of the disease. In addition, the gel soothe the painful symptoms.